VACUCAM® Inline Batching Process

System provides the ability to vacuum convey conditioned powder from various powder sources,mix powder with liquid media
in an on-demand basis via Vacucam® Ejector Mixer (EJM) and discharge mixture into an existing batch tank.

VACUCAM® Inline Batching Process


Convey conditioned powder from various powder sources, mix powder with liquid media in an on-demand basis.

System provides ability to vacuum convey conditioned powder from various powder sources, mix powder with liquid media on a Single Pass or Batch Recycle basis via Vacucam® Ejector Mixer (EJM).  After leaving the mixer discharge tube, slurry is de-aerated by tangentially entering a de-aeration tank where cyclone action spreads liquid into a thin film on tank wall, forcing entrained gases out and up tank vent.  A baffle directs flow to take-away pump where it is continuously pumped forward to blend tank(s).

Dry Side:  Powders are manually or automatically weighed from various packaging formats, including pre-weighed paper bags, loss in weigh paper bags and / or bulk bags and full bulk such as silos, day bins, bulk truck trailers.  Each modular-designed skid can sequentially inhale  dry products from various sources for fast efficient multi ingredient formulations.

Wet Side:  Liquid media is metered into supply line to EJM via a remote supply pump (Single Pass) or recycled from batch tank (Batch Recycle).  Mixer supply pump provides liquid flow and pressure to EJM to generate vacuum to inhale dry ingredients and rapidly mix and dissolve / disperse them into liquid(s).


Higher Quality

  • Optimal accuracy and product consistency — Powders and liquids are combined continuously and uniformly producing higher slurry quality.
  • High product integrity — Dry handling and wet processing are totally separated.
  • Industry standard hydraulic pumping — Centrifugal or positive displacement pumps featuring Fristam quality.

Lower Cost

  • Power consumption reduced by 50% to 75% compared to alternative processes.
  • Minimal downtime and maintenance costs
  • The VACUCAM® has no moving parts. High quality, low maintenance Fristam pumps supply the hydraulic energy,
  • Greater speed and efficiency — The EJM 2000 process can be automated and operated from a centre: control. Process time is greatly reduced with increased capacity. The process offers faster hydration and faster functioning of thickeners or reactive products.
  • Reduced housekeeping effort — Dry handling and mixing are totally enclosed and vacuum conveyed, providing a dust-free environment:
  • For hygienic processes, powder is kept out of wet process area, minimizing potential for bacteria growth.
  • For industrial processes, powder is kept out of process areas, eliminating dust.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Available with optional centrifugal or positive displacement pumps to meet process requirements.
  • Configured for either single pass or batch recycle processing

Safety and Health

  • Less slipping and fewer accidents — Dust does not accumulate on wet walking surfaces.
  • Fewer respiratory Issues — No more dust-filled air contaminating the work environment.



Industrial Applications

  • Chemical Processing — Automated reaction a catalyst addition, waste stream pH adjustment. filter aid incorporation.
  • Paint & Coatings Processing — Silica incorporation. thickener additions. pigment slurries {e.g. TiO2, calcium carbonate, talc, oxides)
  • Aluminum Heat Exchanger Manufacturing — Brazing flux slurry preparation and distribution
  • Power Generation — Limestone/fly ash slurries, waste stream pH adjustment
  • Paper Manufacturing — Starch slurry. waste water pH treatment. specialized coating slurry preparation and distribution (e.g. calcium carbonate. clay. Ti02)

Sanitary Applications

  • Pharmaceutical — Sodium bicarbonate slurries, salts dissolution
  • Dairy — NFDM reconstitution, sugar liquefication, (Batch Processes or Single Pass), ice cream mixes
  • Brewing — Filter aids. silica and activated carbon slurries
  • Processed Cheese — Wet mix (high protein) slurries
  • Margarine — Whey slurries
  • Dressings — Spiced ingredients, starch slurries, egg mixes
  • Confectionary — Dry ingredient recovery/reintroduction
  • Health/Personal Care Products — Carbopol slurries (thickeners), compound dispersions


VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer

Semi-Bulk Systems VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer Dynamic Batching Station provides the most efficient dispersion, mixing and hydration of ALL dry ingredients used in today’s broad range of product types and ALL Beverage Processes.

The Vacucam® Ejector Mixer is the most effective system available for conveying, wetting, and dispersing powders into liquids.

Here is how it works.

Conditioned powder is conveyed into the mixer by a near-perfect vacuum, which is created when pressurized fluid is discharged as a high-velocity, hollow jet into which the powder is drawn.

The high speed dispersion mixer.

The Vacucam® system achieves high-speed, instantaneous and complete wetting by bringing together conditioned powder and highly atomized liquid from two separate streams, incorporating particles of liquid with particles of powder. The reactive surface areas of both the powder and the liquid are maximized before intimate contact is actually made. The result is consistently uniform, superior wetting without the agglomeration or “clumping” usually associated with conventional mixing methods.

Semi-Bulk Systems can design and integrate the Vacucam® in-line system to feed finished slurry into multiple locations of your preference, such as storage or mix tanks. Your entire process can be physically separated and centrally controlled. Semi-Bulk Systems provides options such as mounting the Ejector-Mixer on your tanks or integrating our system with your existing process.

The best fluid ejector upgrade with improved efficiency over the traditional fluid mixer.

Since the Vacucam® system achieves high-speed, instantaneous and complete mixing, it makes it perfect for fluid mixing too. You can bring together highly atomized liquids from two separate streams for batch to batch consistency and uniform mixing.

Unsure if the Semi-Bulk Systems can improve your efficiency?

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