Having trouble handling and mixing your sweetener ingredients.


Semi-Bulk Systems has a customer who struggled with inefficiencies when handling and mixing their sweetener ingredients.

Industry: Beverage, Sweeteners, Sugar Liquefication

Our Approach

Semi-Bulk Systems designed the Total Solution using our Process Xstreamlining process including our VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer technology to:

  • Rapidly disperse all powders into all liquids via several process options:  single pass, batch recycle, or continuous mixing processes for high capacity on-demand mixing.
  • Have complete control of dust in work environment – no dust collection on batch tank
  • Create a compact footprint – simplified unit operations
  • Provide the expertise and understanding that the design & layout of the dry side significantly effects the ability to liquefy sweetener ingredients.
  • Offer the in-house manufacturing for powder funnels, paper bag break hoppers, and bulk bag handling systems to meet any demand
  • Create the designs to accommodate bulk handling liquefication systems

Improve operator safety & GMP’s by eliminating high frequency injuries with ergonomic process design – floor level operation

The Results

We delivered on Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Met all capacity requirements
  • Provided Batch-to-Batch consistency with totally automated processes.
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Offered an ergonomic operation and dust free environment
  • Lowered capital investment and simplified approach

To see if you can sweeten your profits, contact us or call 800-732-8769 to determine if we can help improve your production capacity and quality using our patented VACUCAM® mixing technology.

Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

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