How a health & beauty manufacturer was able to meet higher consumer demand with no loss to batch-to-batch consistency.


A global health & beauty manufacturer needed to increase capacity of their soaps and shampoo production to meet higher consumer demand.

However, increased capacity was just the beginning. They also needed to create production efficiencies around the batching process, while containing dust emissions.

Industry: Health & Beauty

Our Approach

Semi-Bulk Systems designed a Process XStreamlining Solution that:

  • Utilized our patented Vacucam® In-Line Batch Slurry Process to efficiently process Silica powder.
  • Incorporated our dry handling expertise, feeding powders from the Semi-Bulk Bulk Bag Unloader and conditioning the powders with our patented Air Cone® hopper.
  • Designed and engineered a surge hopper sized perfectly to contain one batch of silica powder.

The Results

We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Ramped up the plant’s rapid batch cycle time.
  • Achieved batch to batch consistency even with increased capacity
  • Delivered and dispersed silica powder in a dust-free environment.
  • Minimized parts wear that is due to abrasive nature of material.

Our engineered solution was so effective, this manufacturer has recently added a second system to keep up with demand. Beautify your profitability with a Semi-Bulk engineered solution. Contact us to determine if our state-of-the-art VACUCAM mixing technology can improve your production efficiency.

Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

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