How a Fortune 50 health and beauty manufacturer minimized batching times and maximized hours of operation even with abrasive ingredients.


This Fortune 50 Health & Beauty manufacturer needed a partner to help develop an efficient process for the handling and mixing of abrasive exfoliating soap additives like silica and powdered walnut shells to reduce wear and tear on production equipment worldwide.

Industry: Health & Beauty

Our Approach

To meet these unique production goals worldwide, Semi-Bulk Systems engineered a customized Process XStreamlining Solution including:

  • Our patented Vacucam® Mixer on Tank (MOT) Slurry Skid
  • Modular designs for installation into existing operation.
  • Designs for highly abrasive materials with resistant, replaceable wear parts.

The Results

We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Minimized batching times
  • No moving parts to maximize hours of operation before need for parts replacement.

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