Some of our power generation customers have elected to install a state of the art Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) storage and slurry process. The main objective of the project is most often to convert from handling bulk bags of PAC to receiving PAC in bulk trucks.

Our process includes a PAC silo with 3500 ft3 capacity and a Vacucam® In-Line Slurry Process capable of slurrying PAC with water on demand and supplying the slurry directly to the scrubber.

Location: Missouri
Industry: Power Generation

Our Approach

The modular skidded Vacucam® In-Line slurry system is installed inside the skirt of the silo enclosure.  The single pass slurry process receives 100 gpm of high pressure water to the Vacucam® Ejector Mixer and delivers slurry with up to 10% PAC sequentially to multiple scrubbers. PAC is delivered to the silo from bulk trucks.

The PAC is fed from the silo through a fluidizing cone and rotary valve into a weighed batch hopper where the powder is conditioned with an Air-Cone® Hopper using compressed air.

The Vacucam® Ejector Mixer generates a powerful vacuum which conveys conditioned PAC from the weigh hopper through a convey hose and mixes it instantaneously with the water in a single pass process.  The slurry is discharged into an inline slurry tank from where it is immediately pumped to the scrubber.

The Results

Here are some of the Xstream Results:

  • Eliminated handling bulk bags and converted supply to bulk truck
  • Allows customer to deliver any amount of PAC to scrubbers
  • Eliminated plugging issues experienced with previous powder delivery system
  • Improved sanitation (cleanliness) of PAC powder room.  PAC better contained within system.
  • Improved wetting & overall slurry quality
  • Lowered operating cost:   Labor / Logistics / Maintenance
  • Immediate on demand slurry capacity as required
  • Total system automation:  Instant start and stop of slurry process

These are just some of the Xstream results achieved when using our exclusive Process XstreamLiningsm .

To find out what kinds of results your company can expect, contact us to arrange a free analysis.

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