Shortened batch time by 50%. Reduced CMC usage by 15%.


Our paper processor customers have some big goals for improving the handling and dispersion of CMC slurry “make-down” in their production facilities.

Location: New York
Industry: Paper

Our Approach

To meet these production goals, Semi-Bulk Systems Process XStreamlining design implements the following:

  • Our patented Vacucam® Mixer-On-Tank (MOT) mixing process for either coarse or fine grade CMC.
  • The incorporation of our unique dry handling expertise with all powders – fed from the Semi-Bulk Systems Bulk Bag Unloader utilizing our patented Air Cone® technology..

The Results

We always deliver our Performance Guarantee:

  • Shortened batch production time by 50%
  • Reduced CMC usage by 15%
  • Increased efficiency – our automated design allows for resource re-allocation to another area.
  • Improved reliability and repeatability over previous processes, resulting in dramatic downtime reduction.
  • Eliminated the CMC make-down bottleneck.

We’ve been able to achieve similar benefits for all sanitary and industrial operations using cellulosic and/or hydrocolloidal thickeners. Do you want to see if we can deliver the same immediate savings and healthy ROI for your next project? Contact us.


Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

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