One of the country’s largest brewers significantly ramps up production of hard seltzers.


One of the largest ready-to-drink producers of hard seltzer beverages needed to significantly ramp up production of sugar syrups, while also bringing a new manufacturing facility on-line.

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Our Approach

To meet the increased capacity goals, Semi-Bulk Systems engineered customized Process XStreamlining Solution including:

  • Our patented Vacucam® DBS Sugar Liquefication system that unloads bulk trucks, conveys, and liquefies dry sugar at a rate of 500-800 pounds per minute (30,000- 48,000 pounds per hour).
  • A state-of-the-art explosion detection and protection equipment with features seamlessly integrated into system design and controls.

The Results

We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Reduced inbound syrup transportation costs by more than 32%
  • Maximum incorporation rates for high capacity mixing and syrup production.
  • Dry sugar dissolution WITHOUT high shear or heat which saves energy and prevents wear at the mix point, reducing costs of ownership.
  • Improved automation with standard for non-weighed side with unique Semi-Bulk control strategies; control +/- 0.1° Brix

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