How a top food manufacturer achieved a higher production efficiency for starch slurries.


In order to achieve a higher ROI, a major manufacturer of bulk starch needed to improve efficiency for their food manufacturing customers.

Industry: Food, Starch Slurries

Our Approach

Semi-Bulk Systems designed a Process XStreamlining Solution that utilized the Vacucam® Continuous Steady State technology to improve slurry process efficiency. The system provides the features needed:

  • Incorporates the integration of bulk truck unload process (500 #/min) to Vacucam® Continuous Steady State Slurry Process for Corn and Tapioca starches.
  • Integration of the Vacucam® dynamic dispersion technology to deliver a predetermined solids level (35-40%), fully hydrated and ready to use on a continuous basis.
  • Dry delivery portion designed for effective dust containment.

The Results

We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Capacity: significant batch cycle reductions when compared to traditional batching processes.
  • Operating costs: dramatic reductions in both labor and energy costs.
  • Operating costs: lower maintenance, unplanned downtime with no moving parts
  • Quality: batch-to-batch consistency producing no fisheyes or agglomerates

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