Conveyed limestone at a rate in excess of 1000#/minute with a 30%+ slurry is delivered to the inline slurry tank and pumped to the slurry storage tank.

The Project

Our major power customers have installed state-of-the-art limestone storage and slurry process for FGD in their plants, incorporating two domes for pulverized limestone storage and the VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer process for slurring pulverized limestone for FGD.

Location: Missouri
Industry: Power Generation

Our Approach

To meet the capacity requirements and the logistics of these facilities, a modular skidded dual mixer system is installed in the vault of each dome. The inline single pass process receives 500gpm process water to the dual mixers and delivers 600gpm of 30%+ limestone slurry to the slurry storage tanks feeding the scrubber.

A smaller footprint.

Our modular skidded unit is a small footprint installed, in the dome vault (basement). Limestone is constantly delivered from the fluidized dome floor into the fluidized surge pot. Water is delivered from the water supply pump skid to the Ejector mixers.

The Results

The Mixer generates a powerful vacuum and conveys the limestone through a convey hose at a rate in excess of 1000#/minute for each mixer. The modular unit can be operated as a single mixer process or it can be operated with both mixers simultaneously.
The 30%+ slurry is delivered to the inline slurry tank and pumped to the slurry storage tank. A redundant slurry pump is provided on the skid.
A water supply pump skid is provided with total redundancy to deliver water to either system below each of the domes. During factory acceptance testing, we demonstrate a limestone convey and mix rate of 1500#/minute per mixer or 3000#/minute for the dual mixer system. The system also demonstrates total dispersion and slurry quality with zero evidence of dusting in the operating area.

Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

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