Added efficiency for soup mixes dry food ingredients handling.


When major food manufacturers relocate production of soup mix lines, they are seeking a more efficient method for the handling of their bulk food ingredients.

Location: New York
Industry: Food

Our Approach

Semi-Bulk Systems provides efficient dry handling systems for a variety of bulk food ingredients. For our customers, we are able to:

  • Design modular-engineered flexible & configurable bulk bag unloading cells arranged in work cells of 4-5 units.
  • Engineer an accommodation for loss-in-weight features.
  • Provide unique designs that allow for inter-changeable mobile hopper & feeder configuration.
  • Utilize standardized SBS vibratory hugger and bag clamp ring designs


The Results

We always deliver our Performance Guarantee:

  • Quicker / easier product changeover cycles.
  • Allow for easy product clean-out (C-O-P).
  • Provide a number of Safety Health & Environment (SHE) advantages: Ergonomics and Dust-Free.
  • Eliminate the need to handle small bags.

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Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

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