Tripled capacity, reduced dry storage needs and improved mix quality for cocoa beverage.


A major beverage manufacturer needed to increase capacity and
“de-bottleneck” the batching process to meet higher capacity bottling lines and customer demand.

Industry: Food & Beverage

Our Approach

To meet the increased capacity goals, Semi-Bulk Systems engineered customized solutions including:

  • Replaced bulk bag system (400 lbs./min) with high capacity bulk truck unload to silo, conveyance to hi performance EJM skid process (650-750 #/min dry) feeding Vacucam 340 gpm In-line Sugar Slurry Process
  • Flexibility to move from bulk bag handling to bulk truck unload process delivering to bulk silo.
  • Minimized capital expenditure by retrofitting process with existing equipment.
  • Dry sugar dissolution WITHOUT high shear or heat which saves energy and prevents wear at the mix point.
  • Utilized standard for non-weighed dry side (i.e. bulk truck, rail car, etc.) with unique Semi-Bulk control strategies to control +/- 0.1° Brix.

Specifically for their cocoa production, we utilized our Vacucam® In-line Slurry Process with the following approach:

  • Accommodated high fat (10%+) containing cocoas by de-agglomerating the cocoa in dry state with sifter
  • Delivered significant improvement versus traditional / vacuum high shear mixers. Generated no agglomerates or fish-eyes using Vacucam® dynamic dispersion.
  • De-Agglomeration and Dynamic Dispersion of cocoa powders prevents inclusion of dry / un-wetted agglomerates lessening potential encapsulation of spore forming organisms in the slurry which may protect them during UHT treatment.
  • Validated to meet stringent requirements for UHT cocoa processing.

The Results

We deliver Our Performance Guarantee:

  • Tripled capacity by reducing batch cycle time
  • Reduced dry storage and improved work-flow moving from bulk bag sugar to bulk truck.
  • Improved overall beverage mix quality. Maximized efficiency of the UHT process.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Allowed for parallel processing – eliminated sequential batching for functional ingredients, sweeteners, cocoa, and sugar.
  • Processing – step change improvement
  • Sugar – high capacity, using SBS unique powder handling / sugar liquefication processes.
  • Cocoa – Integrates into UHT process with complete dispersion and controlled amount of shear on cocoa.

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