30% soda ash solution created efficiently at high- or low-capacity.


Major manufacturers of lithium carbonate want to produce a high capacity of 30% Soda Ash solution.

Location: South America
Industry: Chemical Processing

Our Approach

Semi-Bulk Systems custom designs Process XStreamlining Solutions that:

  • Utilize Vacucam® Continuous Steady State mixing process.
  • Implement Proprietary automation schemes to in-line control concentration.
  • Engineer durable industrial-strength designs that allowed for the ability to meet arid environment demands.
  • Meet all stringent process safety (PSM, SHE) requirements.

The Results

We always deliver our Performance Guarantee to achieve their desired ROI:

  • Custom capacity with no loss of consistency – the ability to turn-down for low rate (12 MT/hr) or speed up for high rate (24MT/hr).
  • Rapid liquefication allowing for significant reduction in process cycle time.

Seeing is Believing. Do you want to see if the replacement of the inefficient traditional mixes processes with Semi-Bulk’s state-of-the-art VACUCAM mixing technology improves your production efficiency? Contact us.

Semi-Bulk has been installed around the world.

Industries Served