Reduced Batch Cycle Time by 300% and Improved Batch to Batch Consistency for Alternative Drinks.


Our beverage manufacturing customers are often seeking ways to reduce their plant processing footprint and significantly reduce manufacturing costs (i.e. energy costs).

Industry: Alternative Beverage

Our Approach

We utilize our Vacucam® MOT Batch Slurry Process to mix both pre-weighed and loss-in-weight powders with ambient water on a batch basis.

The dry side contains multiple bulk bag unloader assemblies & paper bag break hoppers utilizing Semi-Bulk’s unique surge hopper design and incorporating our patented Air-Cone® Pick-Ups for powder conditioning.

The Results

We always deliver Our Performance Guarantee:

  • Reducing batch cycle time by 300%.
  • Significantly improving capacity within a reduced plant footprint.
  • Reducing ingredient handling by moving to bulk bags /super sacks from paper bags
  • Eliminating high frequency injuries with ergonomic process design
  • Easily mixing multiple beverage ingredients (i.e. alternative sweeteners, and thickeners)
  • Improving quality of final product due to process efficiencies and consistencies
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing mechanical maintenance
  • Completing control of dust in work environment
  • Integrating Batch Menu Controls

Semi-Bulk Systems can deliver solutions for your beverage plant with sweet money saving results. Contact us to evaluate your next project.


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