Semi-Bulk Systems Vacucam® processes are specifically designed for the Dairy Industry and are defined in detail under  processes.
They include Frozen Desserts, Yogurt Mix, Milk Powder Reconstitution and Sugar Liquefication.



Vacucam® Processes are designed and built to USDA/3A specifications and include CIP compatibility of all components on both the dry and the wet sides of the process. Semi-Bulk Systems, Inc. belongs to several Dairy Industry and industry related organizations.


  • Functionalize gums & stabilizers without shear or agglomerates
  • COLD dispersion capability
  • No damage to fat globules in milk or cream
  • Full CIP capability
  • Separation of dry powders from wet process areas
  • Clean, dust free operation
  • Meets 3A/USDA standards


The TOTAL SOLUTION for Dairy Mix making is provided in standardized modular skids to address mix processes and with total design dry handling systems to address dry bulk ingredients, bulk bags, paper bags or minor ingredients.

  • ICE CREAM Mix Making
  • YOGURT Mix Making
  • CHEESE Mixes
  • DAIRY POWDERS – Reconstitution
  • Cultured Products
  • Sugar Liquefication

Dairy Processes

  • Convey – powders from conditioned source
  • Disperse – pigments, fillers, silica’s, filter aids, carbons, catalysts, spices
  • Rehydrate – NFDM, whey, protein, lactose, lime
  • Liquefy – sugar
  • Dissolve – salts, phosphates, sweeteners
  • Functionalize – thickeners, gums, starches, pectin, carbopol, etc.
  • Emulsify – oils into powder / liquid mixes

VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer

The Vacucam® Ejector Mixer is the most effective system available for conveying, wetting, and dispersing powders into liquids. Here is how it works.

Conditioned powder is conveyed into the mixer by a near-perfect vacuum, which is created when pressurized fluid is discharged as a high-velocity, hollow jet into which the powder is drawn.

The high speed dispersion mixer.

The Vacucam® system achieves high-speed, instantaneous and complete wetting by bringing together conditioned powder and highly atomized liquid from two separate streams, incorporating particles of liquid with particles of powder. The reactive surface areas of both the powder and the liquid are maximized before intimate contact is actually made. The result is consistently uniform, superior wetting without the agglomeration or “clumping” usually associated with conventional mixing methods.

Semi-Bulk Systems can design and integrate the Vacucam® in-line system to feed finished slurry into multiple locations of your preference, such as storage or mix tanks. Your entire process can be physically separated and centrally controlled. Semi-Bulk Systems provides options such as mounting the Ejector-Mixer on your tanks or integrating our system with your existing process.

The best fluid ejector upgrade with improved efficiency over the traditional fluid mixer.

Since the Vacucam® system achieves high-speed, instantaneous and complete mixing, it makes it perfect for fluid mixing too. You can bring together highly atomized liquids from two separate streams for batch to batch consistency and uniform mixing.

Total Dry Mix Automated Process

  • Single In-Line process to deliver to selected mix tanks
  • Separate dry room from wet area
  • Bulk bag handling of major ingredients. Paper bag handling of minor ingredients
  • Multiple bulk bag hoppers for automated powder delivery of all dry ingredients

Dry Side Delivery

  • Paper bags
  • Bulk Truck
  • Bulk Rail
  • Bulk Bags
  • Bulk Silo

Other Dairy Applications



Processes cheese mixes can be addressed with Semi-Bulk System’s VACUCAM® EJM 2000 skidded unit as the heart of the liquid side process, accommodating processes for single pass or batch recycle processes.

Milk Powder Reconstitution

Milk Powder Reconstitution

The reconstitution of Milk Powders, including NFDM, whole milk, caseins, whey protein, lactose, or other powder products, is rapidly completed using the VACUCAM® EJM 2000 skidded unit.

Cultured Products

Cultured Products

The VACUCAM® Cultured Products Slurry Process is the most effective method for the complete dispersion of culture media, milk powders, whey proteins, gelatin, pectins, starch, and sugar.

Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts

The VACUCAM® Slurry Processes specifically address both dry ingredient handling and dry/liquid dispersion and functionalization benefits for a myriad of ingredients used in the production of frozen desserts.